"Habang Buhay" ("Forever" in Tagalog)
is a story about @99KROI and @MARIEEMRKS's main ocs, Marvin and Ethan
(They started off as eddsworld ocs, but eventually developed into their own characters with own stories, though the army concept remained in the lore lol)


*comics with "[SC]" means its about side characters
*comics with "m:" were drawn by @Marieemrks!

ARMY ARC...( *Eddsworld references )
Where Marvin and Ethan first met and became acquainted. They were members of the *Red Army, which was led by the *Red Leader.
After a while, they started dating, married, and adopted Maria, their only child! (she was about 5-6 yrs old at the time)

Marvin is a skilled sharpshooter and is one of the army's strongest members, though he struggles in close combat.
Ethan is a soldier's medic, but he would be forced to take part in interrogations because he knew how to torture prisoners for information without killing them. (It gave him trauma lol oops)

POST-ARMY ARC...( *Eddsworld references )
Marvin escaped the *Red Army during one of their missions after learning of the *Red Leader's evil plans and being caught and threatened if he told anyone. This was done by Marvin to protect his family and himself. To avoid making a huge fuss about Marvin escaping, The *Red Leader told Ethan/Marvin's family that Marvin "died" on the mission and even staged the burial.

Marvin then met Marko and Dennis (I call the trio "edgy gang" sometimes) and stayed with them for a while until Marvin could return home and rejoin his family.Ethan left the army and also had to grieve and raise Maria on his own now, but he had the support of his best friend, Omarion and his husband's sister, Lexi.

REUNION ARC...A few years pass by, but Marvin and Ethan finally reunite once again! (We don't discuss what happened to the Red Leader; I'll leave that to Eddsworld and just say he was defeated LMAO)
Marko ALSO reunites with his twin brother, Miles and older sister, Rebel! And All the gang catch up and make new friends!!!!!!WOOOOOO

This arc is actually the shortest because Ethan soon finds out something about Marvin and it was so bad that he asked for a divorce. oopS...

DIVORCE ARC...Ethan finds out about Marvin cheating and doing crime while he was away lol. That's not really something you should be thrilled about. ofc you're going to lose trust in that person lol.
As per Ethan's request, They divorced and Ethan and Marvin have decided to live separately for the time being. Marvin lived with Lexi while Ethan and Maria lived together in their home. Marko, Miles, Dennis, and Rebel are now also living together.
(Ethan also starts working as a doctor and Marvin a chef)buuuut are their feelings for each other gone??? NO LMAOAo sLAAYYYYYYYY

FUTURE (not yet canon)
they got married again and they're all happy n shit ewww
not canon but we love thinking abt it lol